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“The Kremlin Letter” written and directed by John Huston, with George Sanders, 1970 (US)

“A Day at the Beach” written by Roman Polanski, featuring Peter Sellers, 1970

Annie Fanny cartoon in “Playboy”, January 1970 (US)

cover of “Private Eye” 13 February 1970 (UK)

"Steptoe and Son" sitcom, 20 March 1970, "Any Old Iron?" script by Galton and Simpson (UK)

“Up Pompeii” sitcom, 20 April 1970 “Britaniccus" Script by Talbot Rothwell (UK)

comic strip by John Kent in "Private Eye" 27 May 70 (UK)

William Hewison cartoon in “Punch” 3 June 1970 (UK)

illustration by John Kent in “Private Eye” 11 September 1970 (UK)

Gay commercial sketch from “The Goodies”, 8 November 1970

Comic strip by John Kent in “Private Eye” 20 November 1970 (UK)

Camp TV and film characters: Monty Python, Carry On, Dick Emery – early 70s (UK)

Edward Sorel cartoon in “National Lampoon” January 1971 (US)

“H.P. Sauce” by Auberon Waugh, with illustration by John Kent in “Private Eye” 1 January 1971 (UK)

article in “Punch” 27 January 1971 (UK)

"Chapter VIII: Two Hearts Beat As One" parody romance fiction by Alan Coren in "Punch" 27 Jan 1971 (UK)

“All in the Family” sitcom, 9 February 1971, “Judging Books by Covers” by Burt Styler and Norman Lear (US)

“Pied Piper of Burbank” parody by Sean Kelly and Michel Choquette in “National Lampoon” March 1971 (US)

cartoon by ffolkes in "Punch" 14 April 1971 (UK)

Guerrier cartoon in “Evergreen Review” May 1971 (US)

comic strip by John Kent, in “Private Eye” 21 May 1971 (UK)

gay summer camp parody in “Mad Magazine” June 1971

“Are You a Homo?” by John Weidman in “National Lampoon”, July 1971 (US)

“HP Sauce” by Auberon Waugh, with illustration by Willie Rushton, in “Private Eye”, 2 July 71 (UK)

photo in “Ink” 24 July 1971 (UK)

Parody Richard Nixon letter in "National Lampoon" August 1971

“Greeting Cards for the Sexual Revolution” in “Mad”, September 1971 (US)

cartoon by Gerald Scarfe in “Private Eye” 8 October 1971 (UK)

"Dragula" comic parody in "National Lampoon" November 1971 (US)

Illustration by John Kent in “Private Eye” 5 November 1971 (UK)

cartoon by “Larry” in “Private Eye” 5 November 1971 (UK)

“The Goodies” TV sketch , 12 November 1971 (UK)

“Doctor Colon’s Monster” comic strip by Charles Rodrigues in “National Lampoon” January – July 1972

Edward McLachlan cartoon in “Private Eye” 25 February 1972

“The Gay Blade” by Jack T. Chick, 1972 (US)

gay tobacco commercial sketch from “The Goodies” April 9, 1972

“Sanford and Son” sitcom, 14 April 1972 “The Piano Movers” written by Aaron Ruben (US)

“Are Queers Keeping You Up All Night” by Anne Beatts and Ed Bluestone in ‘National Lampoon’, May 1972 (US)

Illustration by Michael Heath in “Private Eye” 5 May 1972 (UK)

“Blacula” film, 1972, , written by Raymond Koenig and Joan Torres, directed by William Crain

“Photopoetry” in “Mad” June 1972 (US)

Michael Heath cartoon in “Private Eye” 30 June 1972 (UK)

Rock Hudson gay rumours cartoon in “Mad” October 1972

“Your Ad Here” by Michael O’Donoghue in “National Lampoon”, October 1972 (US)

“Rim Shot” National Lampoon, October 1972 (US)

Gahan Wilson cartoon in "National Lampoon" October 1972 (US)

Tchaikovsky sketch from "Monty Python's Flying Circus", 26 October 1972

Gahan Wilson cartoon in "National Lampoon" November 1972 (US)

gay footballer sketch from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, 23 November 1972

“Mr Humphries” on “Are Being Served?” sitcom written by Jeremy Lloyd, and David Croft, 1972 – 1985 (UK)

“Theatre of Blood” written by Anthony Greville-Bell, directed by Douglas Hickox, with Vincent Price, 1973 (UK)

“Soap Opera” sketch written and performed by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, 1973 (UK)

gay basketball cartoon in “Mad Magazine” January 1973

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” sitcom, January 13, 1973, “My Brother’s Keeper” written by Jenna McMahon and Dick Clair (US)

Michael Heath cartoon, in "Punch" 4 April 1973(UK)

Michael Heath, from “The Gay 1970s” in “Punch”, 4 April 1973 (UK)

Stan MacMurtry gay boxer cartoon in “Punch” 2 May 1973

cartoon by by J.B. Handelsman in “Punch” 23 May 1973 (UK)

"Jesus Christ Superstar" – Herod’s Song (1973)

“The Ballad Of Ben Gay” song performed by Ben Gay & The Silly Savages, 1973 (US)

J.B. Handelsman cartoon in "Punch" 20 June 1973 (UK)

The Goodies, “Superstar”, 7 July 1973, Written by Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden, with Tim Brooke-Taylor (UK)

Ed MacLachlan cartoon in “Private Eye” 13 July 1973

Phil Interlandi cartoon in “Playboy” August 1973 (US)

David Austin cartoon strip in “Private Eye” 10 August 1973 (UK)

“Guerre” magazine parody by George Trow, Brian McConnachie and Henry Beard in “National Lampoon”, September 1973 (US)

“Standards Rewritten for the Liberated Woman”, by Frank Jacobs in “Mad”, October 1973 (US)

New York Dolls parody by Chris Miller in “Playboy” December 1973 (US)

“Christmas Cards”, by Judith Wax, illustration by Buck Browne, “Playboy” December 1973 (US)

Buck Brown cartoon in “Playboy” December 1973 (US)

Edward Sorel cover to “Screw”, 10 December 1973

“Dixie Nixon” comic written by Sean Kelly and Tony Hendra, art by Larry Hama and Ralph Reese in “National Lampoon” February 1974 (US)

"Greek Culture Insert" from “National Lampoon”, February 1974 (US)

“Fold-In” by Al Jaffee in “Mad” April, 1974

Carl Giles cartoon in “The Daily Express” 18 April 1974 (UK)

“Blazing Saddles”, written by Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, 1974 (US)

Phantom of the Paradise (1974) Written and directed by Brian De Palma (US)

“Alice Bowie” song, from “Cheech and Chong’s Wedding Album” (1974) (US)

Forrest Swisher in “The National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook” (1974) by Doug Kenney and P.J. O’Rourke (US)

“Gay Lib” by George Carlin from “Toledo Window Box” ( recorded 20 July 1974)

political newspaper cutting in “Private Eye”, 20 July 1974

Bruce Cochrane cartoon in “National Lampoon” November 1974 (US)

Michael Heath “Gay Christmas” cartoons in "Punch" 4 December 1974(UK)

“The Catholic Sex Index” by Tony Hendra, in “National Lampoon”, December 1974 (US)

Roy Raymonde cartoon in “Playboy”, January 1975 (US)

cartoons from “Illustrated History of Sex” by Arnold Roth, in “Playboy” January 1975 (US)

“Auberon Waugh’s Diary” by Auberon Waugh, illustration by Nicholas Bentley in “Private Eye” 10 January 1975

Nick Baker cartoon in “Private Eye” 24 January 1975 (UK)

“Barney Miller” sitcom, 30 January 1975 “Experience” written by Steve Gordon (US)

Michael Heath cartoon in “Private Eye” 7 March 1975 (UK)

Arnold Roth gay baseball cartoon in Punch” 19 March 1975

“Barney Miller” sitcom, 27 March 1975 “The Guest” written by William Taub (US)

“Hello Sailor” novel by Eric Idle, 1975 (UK)

Mahood cartoon in “Punch” 21 May 1975 (UK)

Edward Sorel cartoon in "The Village Voice", 28 July 1975 (US)

“The Spy Who Minced in from the Cold” parody by Stanley Reynolds in “Punch” 30 July 1975 (UK)

Love and Death film (1975) written and performed by Woody Allen (US)

camp giant sketch in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” film 1975 (UK)

Carl French sketch from “The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, 1975

Trog “Gay Lib” cartoon in “Observer”, 21 September, 1975 (UK)

Jamitol advert on Saturday Night Live, October 11, 1975 (US)

“Barney Miller” sitcom, 30 October 1975 “The Discovery” written by Chris Hayward (US)

gay telephone commercial sketch from “Saturday Night Live”, 8 November 1975 (US)

“Annie Fanny” cartoon by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder in “Playboy”, January 1976 (US)

cartoon by Arthur Horner in “Punch”, 7 January 1976 (UK)

Stan MacMurtry (“Mac”) gay footballer cartoon in the “Daily Mail”, 15 January 1976

“Giles” gay footballer cartoon in the “Daily Express”, 15 January 1976

Keith Waite gay footballer cartoon in “The Daily Mirror”,15 January 1976

Michael Cummings cartoon in the “Daily Express”, 14 February 1976 (UK)

Osbert Lancaster cartoon in the “Daily Express” 30 January 1976

“Private Eye” cover, 6 February 1976

Wally Fawkes “Trog” cartoon in the “Observer” 8 February 1976

Marc Boxer cartoon, unpublished, February 1976

William Rushton “Chatto” cartoon in “Private Eye”, 20 February 1976

editorial parody from “Private Eye”, 20 February 1976

Marc Boxer cartoon in “Private Eye” 20 February 1976

“Rock Follies” drama, written by Howard Schuman, 24 February 1976 (UK)

“A Sneak Preview of Richard Nixon’s Memoirs” by Paul Krassner in “Chic” 1976

“Private Eye” cover, 19 March 1976

Thorpe letters parody by Eric Idle from “The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book”, 1976

Raymond Jackson “JAK” cartoons in “Evening Standard”, 11 May 1976 and “Evening Standard”, 14 May 1976

John Dempsey cartoon in “Playboy” June 1976 (US)

B. Kliban cartoon in “Playboy”, July 1976 (US)

parodies from “Obligatory Sex Scenes” in “National Lampoon”, August 1976 (US)

parody article in "Private Eye" 20 August 1976 (UK)

“The Midnight Cowperson: A Cactus in My Y-Fronts” song by Bill Oddie on “The Goodies – Almost Live”, 2 November 1976 (UK)

Bernard Cookson cartoon in “Punch”, 10 November 1976 (UK)

parody of “Gay News” from "Punch”, 15 December 1976 (UK)

cartoons by Ralph Steadman in “Gay News”, 8 April – 20 May 1977 (UK)

“Rising Damp” sitcom, “Stage Struck” episode written by Eric Chappell, 19th April 1977 (UK)

“Great Bores of Today” cartoon and monologue by Richard Ingrams, Barry Fantoni and Michael Heath from “Private Eye” 29 April 1977

Howard Shoemaker cartoon in “Playboy” May 1977

Editorial by Tony Hendra and Sean Kelly in “National Lampoon” May 1977 (US)

gay baths cartoon by Christopher Browne in “National Lampoon” May 1977

gay summer camp parody from “National Lampoon” May 1977

gay Timex commercial parody in “National Lampoon” May 1977

gay retirement home commercial parody from "National Lampoon" May 1977

Anita Bryant parody from "National Lampoon" May 1977

Charles Rodrigues cartons in “National Lampoon”, May 1977 (US)

“Are You Cruising with Me, Lord” poem by Brian Shein, in “National Lampoon”, May 1977 (US)

Richard Guindon gay sports cartoon in “Minneapolis Tribune”, 1977

“The Choir Boys” film 1977, screenplay by Christopher Knopf, adapted from the novel by Joseph Wambaugh, directed by Robert Aldrich (US)

Marc Boxer in “The Times”, June 1977 (UK)

parody article in “Private Eye” 24 June 1977 (UK)

humorous article by Peter Cook in “The Daily Mail”, 27 June 1977 (UK)

parody article in “Private Eye”, 8 July 1977 (UK)

Barry Fantoni cartoon in “Private Eye” 8 July 1977 (UK)

Jared cartoon in “Playboy”, September 1977 (US)

Beatles comic by John Hughes , “National Lampoon” October 1977 (US)

"Auberon Waugh's Diary" in “Private Eye” 28 October 1977 (UK)

Osbert Lancaster cartoon in “The Daily Express”, 20 October 1977

“Lloyd George Knew My Father” parody article by Alan Coren in “Punch”, 26 October 1977

Michael Heath cartoon in “Private Eye” 28 October 1977 (UK)

"Auberon Waugh's Diary" in "Private Eye", 28 October 1977

“Auberon Waugh’s Diary” in “Private Eye” 28 October 1977 (UK)

“Times” editorial parody from “Private Eye” 11 November 1977

gay bodybuilding cartoon “Little Annie Fanny” cartoon by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder in “Playboy” December 1977

J.B. Handelsman cartoon in “Playboy” January 1978

gay American football poster from “National Lampoon’s Sunday Newspaper Parody”, 1978

William Hewison cartoon and article from “Punch” 8 March 1978

“Homo Fashions” parody by John Hughes in "National Lampoon" September 1978

Fran Lebowitz: "The Primary Cause of Heterosexuality Among Males in Urban Areas: Yet Another Crackpot Theory" essay, 1978 (US)

David Austin cartoon in “Private Eye”, 15 September 1978

gay baseball card parody from “Mad” October 1978

Anita Bryant sketch from National Lampoon’s “Disco Beaver From Outer Space”, 1978

“Dragula” sketch from "Disco Beaver From Outer Space", 1978

“Private Eye” cover, 24 November 1978
Michael Heath cartoon in “Punch” 29 November 1978

gay Clorox commercial parody from “Mad Magazine” December 1978

Michael Heath cartoon in “Punch”, 13 December 1978

cartoon by Honeysett in "Punch" 13 December 1978 (UK)

gay Incredible Hulk parody from “Mad Magazine” January 1979

Village People sketch from “Saturday Night Live” 14 April 1979

Auberon Waugh’s "Dog Lover’s Party" campaign materials in “The Spectator”, 28 April 1979

Frank Zappa “Bobby Brown Goes Down” song, 1979 (US)

song and video from the musical “Hair”, 1979 (US)

Phil Interlandi cartoon in “Playboy”, May 1979 (US)

gay summer camp parody from “National Lampoon” June 1979

“Entirely A Matter For You” sketch by Peter Cook from “The Secret Policeman’s Ball”, 29 and 30 June 1979

“Private Eye” cover, 6 July 1979

“Auberon Waugh’s Diary” in “Private Eye” 6 July 1979 and 20 July 1979

“Notebook” by Alexander Chancellor in “Spectator”, 7 July 1979

Arnold Roth cartoons in “Punch” 26 September 1979

news parody in “National Lampoon” October 1979

“Are You a Gay Christian” sketch on “Not The Nine O’Clock News” 23 October 1979 – Rowan Atkinson (UK)

Barry Fantoni cartoon in “Private Eye” 9 November 1979 (UK)

Mac cartoon in “Daily Mail”, 19 November 1979 (UK)

Bill Caldwell cartoon in “Daily Star”, 20 November 1979 (UK)

JAK cartoon in “Evening Standard”, 20 November 1979 (UK)

“Private Eye” cartoon, 23 November 1979 (UK)

Michael Heath cartoon in “Private Eye”, 23 November 1979 (UK)

Michael Heath cartoon in “Spectator”, 24 November 1979 (UK)

Mahood cartoons in “Punch”, 28 November 1979 (UK)

parody article in “Punch”, 19 December 1979 (UK)

spy sketch on “Not the Nine O’Clock News” (UK)

“Are Being Served?” parody written by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick (UK)

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