Wednesday, 2 September 2009

284: More Gay Espionage 2

by Mahood in “Punch” 21 May 1975
From “A Paler Shade of Pink: Lefties in the Civil Service”

The only gay-themed entry in a sequence of cartoons about the influence of left wing politics in UK bureaucracy. You’ll notice it runs a variation on the same “Reds under the Bed” slogan as the “Burkiss Way” piece. This particular cartoon is inspired by 1975 publication of John Vassall’s “Vassall: The Autobiography of a Spy”. Not a hint in the cartoon that the two characters are that way inclined though, either gossiping or passing on a warning, which seems like a trick missed. Just makes a connection between homosexuality and communism through a rapidly dating pun.

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Roxy Cleopatra said...

I just wanted to say that I really like your blog. I've been reading it for six months now, going through all the archives, and I've really learned a lot about gay comic stereotypes. As an 18 year old straight girl, I don't really know much about that kind of thing. Thanks for being so enlightening!