Thursday, 15 November 2007

1 - Michael Heath

in "Punch" 4 April 1973
"The 'Punch' Cartoons of Heath" by Michael Heath, Harrap, 1976

This, I suppose, sums up the point of this blog. A collection of cartoons, sketches, TV clips, parodies, and anything else supposedly funny about gays that I can lay my hands on. Almost none of them will be by gay men, which is significant in itself. Most of this stuff dates from the very early 60s to the mid-80s, for reasons which will become clearer as I go on. Some will be funny. Some will be dull. Some will be almost unbelievably stupid and offensive - particuarly the tabloid cartoons I've found.

The one above already shows changes in how gays are seen by the mid-70s. Although it could be just as relevant today. Graham Norton, Alan Carr?

There'll be more from Michael Heath and his long-running "The Gays" strip in 'Private Eye' in the next few weeks.

Note how the theatre glasses on the back of the seat add just that touch of verisimiltude.

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