Saturday, 29 December 2007

39 - Dragula

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Dragula 10

written by Tony Hendra, illustrated by Neal Adams, cover by Frank Frazetta
"National Lampoon", November 1971

Broad plotting and a heap of swishy gags, as Hendra plays crass heterosexuality off against simpering stereotypes.
That opera isn't gay enough enough, and instead Gilbert and Sullivan is the level of triviality which Hendra thinks Gay culture will sink to, is a little odd.
"The Merv hasn't changed" poster is a reference to talk show host Merv Griffin, who was long rumoured to be gay, but which was only confirmed after his death.

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Joe said...

My name is Joe Palmer. Thanks to my RSS feed, I came across the Dragula entry in your blog. It's of particular interest to me because I run a website for LGBT comic book fans,

That may seem like a bit of a niche audience, and in a way it is. One aspect of the website is to try to document early representations of LGBT characters.

Before today I was unaware of this story and would like to include it in my website. May I request either your permission to copy the Dragula images you've shared or ask you to send me copies via email? Assuming your answer is yes, how should you be credited?

You may reach me via email at either, or

Joe Palmer