Wednesday, 2 July 2008

151: Arnold Roth

in “Punch” 26 September 1979

Arnold Roth contributed double-page cartoon reports on many contemporary American events and trends to “Punch” from the late 60s to the mid-80s. Roth has always revelled in a profligacy and inventiveness. Having found a particular topic he would then work out as many variations as possible to fill the allotted space. On a few rare occasions, there is one gay gag amongst many. In this instance, homosexuality is the main theme. However, as on the few other occasions he turned his attention to homosexuals, the results are rather underwhelming. High heels, limp wrists, lipstick, transvestism. Prancing fashion sissies, basically. Which is all hung on a tag about angry gays (well petulant really) which is little more advanced then Private Eye’s “Poove Power” from a decade previous. A shame because I really like Arnold Roth and I was looking forward to finding this. Harvey Kurtzman had already used the "fairy godfather" gag as part of this "Little Annie Fanny" installament. Although the placing of the hands in the Godfather's pockets looks a tad suggestive if not outright obscene - and what is fascinating the guy looking at the fountain?

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