Thursday, 13 December 2007

26 - Faggots: Charles Rodrigues

Rodrigues - faggots 1

Rodrigues - faggots 2

Rodrigues - faggots 3

Rodrigues - faggots 4

in “National Lampoon”, May 1977

Now here are some cartoons intended to be more scabrous and offensive. Rodrigues always had a very biological turn of mind. So if any cartoonist would show a grown man still attached umbilically to his mother, or looking proudly at his shit like a father, then Rodrigues would be the one. A new and different manner of being funny in awful ways about homosexuals.

Charles Rodrigues was a cartoonist for almost the entirety of “National Lampoon”’s history. His strips were weird, and often very gross. He would do the most awful things featuring dwarves, Siamese twins, amputees, corpses, abortions, people in a coma communicating through farts. The king of bad taste, but I’m afraid I really do like him. He also played around with the form quite boldly. Sometimes he would be half-way through a strip in an issue, get bored, kill everyone off and start a new strip, there and then.

Rodrigues also provided cartoons for the “Realist” and “Stereo Review”. His cartons for “Stereo review” would seem to be very fondly remembered and were collected in "Total Harmonic Distortion" (1988).

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