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“The League of Gentlemen” film (1960)(UK)

Phil Interlandi cartoon in “Playboy” (1960- 63?)(US)

“Bollard” sketch by Peter Cook, in “Beyond the Fringe”, 1961 (UK)

Parody interview of John Gielguid, by John Wells, in "Private Eye", 25 Oct 1961 (UK)

Terry Gilliam cartoon in “Fang” magazine 1962 (US)

“Thank You, Mask Man” stand-up by Lenny Bruce (1962?)

Jonathan Winters stand-up 1962-1965 (US)

“The Hounding of the Pooves” by Jonathan Miller in “Private Eye” 7 September 1962 (UK)

“The Moon-Shot Scandal” by Terry Southern in “The Realist” November 1962 (US)

parody news article from “Private Eye” 2 November 1962 (UK)

Lenny Bruce on “Faggots” 1962/63 (US)

"Confession" sketch by John Braine, in "That Was The Week That Was", 1963 (UK)

"But My Dear" sketch by Peter Shaffer in "That Was The Week That Was", 1963 (UK)

Willie Rushton cartoon in "Private Eye", 22 March 1963 (UK)

"Bond Strikes Camp" parody by Cyril Connolly in "London Magazine", April 1963 (UK)

Joseph Lee cartoon in “Evening News”, 26 April 1963 (UK)

Emmwood cartoon in “Daily Mail”, 27 April 1963 (UK)

Jak cartoon in "Evening Standard", 27 April 1963 (UK)

Vassall Report parody in "Private Eye", 3 May 1963 (UK)

“How to Spot a Homo” in ‘Private Eye, 17 May 1963 (UK)

Timothy Birdsall cartoon 1963 (UK)

Terry Southern “Interviews a Male Faggot Nurse”, in “The Realist” September 1963 (US)

"Gay Ordeal" By Paul Krassner? in "The Realist" (US)

sketches by “Second City” and “The Committee”, 1963 (US)

“Quean Magazine” from "Private Eye" 27 December 1963 (UK)

parody news article from “Private Eye” 10 January 1964 (UK)

Terrence Parkes ("Larry") cartoon in “Private Eye” 1 May 1964 (UK)

parody spy article in “Private Eye” 29 May 1964 (UK)

“A Hard Day’s Night”, written by Alan Owen, 1964 (UK)

Willie Rushton cartoons in “Private Eye”, 1964 (UK)

Boothby and Krays parody from "Private Eye" 21 August 1964 (UK)

parody of documentaries about homosexuals in 'Private Eye', 22 January 1965 (UK)

Jim Jones cartoon in “Help” July 1965
“Shel Silverstein on Fire Island” cartoons by Shel Silverstein in “Playboy”, August 1965 (US)

fashion parody with illustration by Willie Rushton in "Private Eye", 20 August 1965 (UK)

photo in “Private Eye” 29 October 1965 (UK)

“Julian and Sandy” sketches on BBC, 1965-1968 (UK)

Terrence Parkes (“Larry”) cartoon in “Private Eye” 4 March 1966 (UK)

Richard Guindon cartoon in “The Realist” April 1966

"Pitman and Wonderboy Robin Vass" comic in “Private Eye” 15 April 1966 (UK)

Willie Rushton cartoon in “Private Eye" 24 June 1966 (UK)

Jules Feiffer comic in “Village Voice”, 25 August 1966 (US)

Mort Gerberg cartoons in "The Realist", September 1966 (US)

“Esquire” magazine cover, September 1966.

"Boy Wonder I Love You" song by Frank Zappa, November 1966

Alan Bennett sketch in “On the Margin”, BBC 9 November 1966 (UK)

“Adventures of Phoebe Zeitgeist” comic by Michael O’Donoghue and Frank Springer in “Evergreen Review”, December 1966 (US)

Wally Fawkes “Trog” cartoon, in ‘Private Eye’ 23 December 1966 (UK)

“These are The Hits, You Silly Savage!” songs by Teddy and Darrel (Dec 1966/Jan 1967?)

“Ruby the Dyke and Her Six Perverted Sisters Stomp the Fags” (1967) cartoon by S. Clay Wilson in “Radical America Komiks, 1969

Skip Williamson cartoon in "The Realist", May 1967 (US)

“Shel Silverstein in London” cartoon in “Playboy” June 1967

William Hewison cartoon in “Punch” 19 July 1967 (UK)

“The Fearless Vampire Killers” film, 1967, written by Roman Polanski and Gerard Brach, directed by Roman Polanski

Art Spiegelman cartoon in “The Realist”, 1967 (US)

Richard Guindon cartoon in “The Realist”, August 1967 (US)

Tim-Brooke-Taylor and Marty Feldman sketch in “At Last the 1948 Show”, 1967

“Kay, Why?” song by The Brothers Butch, 1967

Brian Davis (“ffolkes”) cartoon in “Punch” 22 November 1967 (UK)

gag on “The Monkees”, 25 December 1967

Hugh Burnett cartoon in “Private Eye”, 9 March 1968 (UK)

Chic Jacob cartoon in “Punch” 17 March 1968 (UK)

Stan McMurtry cartoon in “Punch”, 20 March 1968 (UK)

“Funny He Never Married” sketch by Barry Took and Marty Feldman, Spring 1968 (UK)

“Trouser Press” song by Roger Ruskin Spear/Bonzo Dog Band 1968 (UK)

S. Clay Wilson cartoon in “Yellow Dog” #4, 1968

“Captain Pissgums and His Pervert Pirates” comic by S. Clay Wilson in “Zap” #3, 1968

“Greetings” film (1968) by Brian De Palma

Dave Berg comic in “Mad” October 1968 (US)

“How to Irritate People” sketch written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman, with Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke-Taylor, 1968 (UK)

“The Producers”, written and directed by Mel Brooks, 1968 (US)

“Brian Graham” sketch by Barry Humphries in “Just a Show” 1968/1969

Alan Sues on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" 1968 – 1972 (US)

advert parody in "Mad Magazine", January 1969 (US)

Terrence Parkes (“Larry”) cartoon in “Private Eye” 17 Jan 1969 (UK)

Jonathan Winters sketch in “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” 1969

Spencer cartoon in “Punch”, 7 May 1969 (UK)

Dave Berg cartoon in “Mad”, June 1969 (US)

cartoon in “Mad” July 1969 (US)

S. Clay Wilson cartoon in “Yellow Dog” #8, 1969

"Paul & Marlon in Bottoms Up" comic by Jim Osborne in "Snatch Comics" #3, 1969

“The Gay Deceivers” 1969 film

“Big Bruce” song performed by Steve Greenberg, 1969 (US)

OZ #23, August – September 1969 (UK)

“The Magic Christian” (film 1969) written by Terry Southern, and John Cleese and Graham Chapman

Gay Lib parody in “Private Eye”, late 1969 (UK)

“Four in Hand” sketch by John Lennon from “Oh Calcutta!”, 1969

“The Mouse Problem” sketch on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, 12 October, 1969 (UK)

“Monty Python’s Flying Circus” - 7 December 1969 (UK)

David Unction on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, 21st December 1969

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