Tuesday, 8 January 2008

46 - Religion: Hugh Burnett

Hugh Burnett’s subject for cartoons was monks. He started drawing as “Phelix”, since he was then working as a BBC producer. From the ‘60s through the 70s he managed to think of enough variations and gags to produce some 7-8 collections of cloistered humour. Since these are jokes about all male communities some of the jokes can be read as being theoretically gay –i.e, racks of towels monogrammed “his” and “his”.
However these are the only couple I can find that suggest that monks may be as only some men are.

in "Private Eye", 9 March 1968
Who he is, is debatable, but this certainly quite blunt.

in "Private Eye", 4 October 1985
The gag, for anyone unfamiliar with the custom, is that centenarians are supposed to receive a telegram of congratulations from the Queen.

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