Wednesday, 9 January 2008

50 - Religion: Michael Cummings

in the “Daily Express”, 14 February 1976

Intriguing that the idea of a gay vicar immediately leads to the idea of officiating at gay marriage. Although it is Valentine’s day.

If nothing else, you can’t say Cummings hasn’t tried to cram as much into one panel as possible: Oscar Wilde, pursed lips, fluttery eyes, tippytoes, beardy-weirdy facial hair (although that may just be the ‘70s), transvestism, eunuchs, a rewriting of the Bible, and pre-politically correct usage of “Person”-hood.

From this great a distance of time, this cartoon would seem to walk the line between geniality and ridiculousness. But given that this is for the "Daily Express", it may well be intended to forcefully represent the very image of civilisation turned on its head.

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