Sunday, 18 November 2007

5 - Not The Nine O'Clock News

from "Not! The Nine O'Clock News" BBC Books, 1980

In the days before VCRs, popular comedy programmes often used to "preserve" their jokes and sketches in book format for an appreciative Christmas market. Most of the things I'm posting are from books bought in charity shops. As a consequence of which, I now have a very large collection of books with flyleafs featuring a 50p sales price and Christmas best wishes to some nephew from an aunt or uncle. My bookshelves are now the elephant's graveyard of not very imaginative gift-giving.

I'm fairly certain I can remember Rowan Atkinson performing this on TV as an embarrassed trendy vicar, who burbles apologetically and apparently sympathetically, then suddenly confounds expectations by spitting out the last two lines.

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