Sunday, 12 April 2009

250: Edward Heath, A Man Among Other Men

As Edward Heath was a man apparently oblivious to the charms of women, cruel, heartless, disgraceful satirists insensitive to the true nature and delicate feelings of the man who was their dedicated leader were wont to make out that he was correspondingly susceptible, almost cravenly so, to the affections and good opinions of the world leaders with whom he associated. What indignity to inflict upon such a stalwart representative of his nation, to portray him as some schoolgirl eager for the favours of his international colleagues. Emasculating I call it. To suggest our Prime Minister wasn’t a proper man.

from “H.P. Sauce” by Auberon Waugh, with illustration by John Kent in “Private Eye” 1 January 1971

By John Kent, in “Private Eye” 21 May 1971

By Gerald Scarfe in “Private Eye” 8 October 1971
And this? It really was not common cartooning practice almost 40 years ago to draw a leading politician as some romantically susceptible female.

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