Friday, 13 February 2009

229: J.B. Handelsman

from “I Have Seen the Future and It Hurts” by J.B. Handelsman
in “Punch” 23 May 1973

Some panels from a strip by J. B. Handelsman satirising futurology. What sort of things might one invent for a ludicrous future? Why, such silliness as nude flights to Jupiter, underwater cities, talking fish, nonsensical aliens, gibberish as a new language, and drug induced interactive television. Anything else too ludicrous for words? Some sort of weird inversion of sexual roles must be on the cards? Yes, it's gay marriage and parenting. Both wear female clothes, and it’s a “male daughter-in-law” not “son-in-law”. The “I temporarily do” is a nice line, I think though.

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