Tuesday, 4 December 2012

467: AIDS 3: Avoid Like the Plague

All the casual disgust and revulsion occasioned in certain people by the mere existence of homosexuality, let alone any sexual practices, were given a full arena for open expression in the public health consequences of the apparent death sentence of AIDS. Homosexuals - not just innately detestably, and morally sick, but actual plague-carriers. So, thanks to the tabloid press, here’s the funny side of the leper’s bell:

Stanley Franklin in The Sun, 26 February 1985

Bill Caldwell in The Daily Star, 19 February 1985
Stanley Franklin in The Sun, 5 December 1986

Stanley Franklin in The Sun, 10 July 1987

Two months before “The Sun”’s “Pulpit Poofs must stay” headline.

from the "The Appallingly Disprespectful Spitting Image Book", 1985

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