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468: AIDS 4 - Moralising 1

AIDS made for easy moralising and condemnation of those who practised deviant lifestyles. The recurrent phrase was “God Punishing….” The trio of high-risk types were homosexuals, drug-users, and Haitians. Not nice, all-American, white-bread suburban types.

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Andrew Dice Clay
From “Dirty Dirty Jokes” 1984
(This was the video equivalent of “party records”, blue and offensive material – it’s even hosted by Redd Foxx. Released in 1984, this was probably recorded only a little time after Eddie Murphy’s AIDS routine was released in cinemas.)

“It’s enough pressure I live up here in Hollywood, right? Great place. You know they got a lot of gay people here, you notice that? They’re all over the place. It’s like a fungus. You know what I’m talking about, I’m not kidding. You get herpes, AIDS and fag-itis. You know what I’m saying. They come from Fagtroid. They’re not from this planet, alright. They march up and down Santa Monica Boulevard with T-shirts on: “I want money for AIDS”. Well I want money for a new fucking car, I ain’t going up and down the street. Get a job, butt-fucker, okay? Find something else you like. I mean, personally, I couldn’t see having some guy rip my rectum to shred and turn around and say “I love you”. Why don’t you just put a bullet in my head while you’re at it, I ain’t going to be able to shit for three months as it is. They don't know if they want to be called gays, homosexuals, fairies. I call them cocksuckers. I think it spells it out. What’s the big debate about?

“And then I read recently (this really excited me), David Bowie comes out with a statement saying he’s not gay anymore. He gave it up. What ‘d he do? Go to the Shick Centre for three weeks. I mean I know this guy sees a boy scout troop he buckles to his knees, you know what I’m saying. I quit cigarettes too, okay pal. You need a dick in your mouth that’s your problem. But it’s not really the faggots that piss me off. I even respect them a little. ‘Cause they’ve made a decision with their life. Not like these bisexuals. What do these guys wake up in the morning, flip a coin, right? Heads – I’ll take hair pie; Tails – I’ll take balls across the nose. This ain’t a menu, you know what I’m saying.

“And you know what really cracks me up. The punchline. When they finally do get this AIDS disease, they can’t figure out where it comes from. They have no idea. If you’re walking around with shit on your dick everyday, you’re bound to pick something up, you know what I’m saying? This ain’t a 24 hour virus here, know what I mean? You ain’t fucking normal, you can’t figure it out. You need the Hershey highway, that’s your problem. Specially when they can’t come up with a cure the next day, know what I’m saying? Think this is maybe god’s way of saying “Hey fella’s, this ain’t right. This ain’t the combination I picked out, you fucking blind.” I guess if I had to bang somebody in the ass, I’d go with Reagan.”


David Haldane in Private Eye, 23 August 1985

Pat Oliphant, October 1985


I haven’t found a copy of it online, but there’s another editorial cartoon by Tom Toles contemporaneous with the Oliphant one. Again, it highlights the complacent, bigoted attitudes some people held about those most affected by AIDS:

A man-on-the-street interview, asking "What do you think about AIDS?"

1st Woman: "It affects homosexual men, drug users, Haitians and haemophiliacs…Thank goodness it hasn't spread to human beings yet."

1st Man: "If it spreads to the general public, it would be a grave medical crisis, demanding an immediate government response…"

Interviewer: "And if it doesn't?" 1st Man: "It's God punishing homos."

2nd Woman: “'Good Christian people have nothing to fear as long as we stay a million miles away from the slimy creatures who may have it.”

2nd Man: "I only hope that scientists are able to discover a cure soon. But not too soon."

3rd Woman :”I think it’s having a good effect on homosexual behaviour, causing them to be . . .um . . .”

Interviewer: “Less promiscuous?”

3rd Woman “No. Dead”

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