Thursday, 7 August 2008

Some Messages From Our Sponsors

Don’t touch that dial! Here a few other gay-themed ads I posted in the past:

Bollard – “Beyond the Fringe” 1961

Ralph Steadman – male models

America’s Going Drag - "Mad Magazine", January 1969

National Lampoon’, May 1972 – Rockwell Home Orifice Protection System

Jamitol - Saturday Night Live, October 11th, 1975

Gay Action Figures - “Mad Magazine” September 1993

And one which I haven’t got is “America’s Turning Gay” from Saturday Night Live, 27 March 1982. Spoofing Dr. Pepper's "Be A Pepper" and "America's Turning 7-Up" jingles, Americans dance in the streets to celebrate their sudden openness in being gay. However, I would imagine that it’s very much like this scene from The Kid in the Hall’s film “Brain Candy”.

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