Saturday, 1 March 2008

88: Ralph Steadman

From “Still Life with Raspberry”, 1969

Judging from the hair and the fashion I suspect this is from the mid 60s – 65/66 maybe.
Not flattering but then Steadman’s art never is. That’s the point. Usually his faces are either geometric shapes or else asymmetrical chancred, drooping, rotting masses of flesh. This style of simpering lustful ugliness is a bit different. The slightly parodied conventionally handsome men are also a bit off Steadman’s usual line. So the two set each other off. I’m not sure whether this is all supposed to depict:
1 – gay men desirous of handsome men
2 – the conventionally handsome men are in fact male fashion models attracting the fawning homosexuals
3 – the conventionally/deceptively handsome men’s men are in fact also gay

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