Thursday, 5 July 2012

432: Jules Feiffer 3 - Village Voice

Village Voice, 9 March 1967

This is rather ambiguous, but I include this strip so you can compare and contrast with the equally ambiguous figure in his 1966 strip about unisex fashion. Just as in that cartoon, here Feiffer offers a rather knock-kneed feyly-stanced figure who has some wrists as vertical as a plumb line. As one of the types to be found on campus, he is a slightly more mature version of the “flit” (or art fag, as we might call him nowadays). I may be reading too much into it here, but this sort of character isn’t a type Feiffer's drawn otherwise. So to build toward the larger point about politised campus life, he's thrown in as a signifier of contemporary diversity which the clued-in Village Voice audience should probably recognise.

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