Sunday, 13 May 2012

403: Gay Bar 4 - Rodrigues

Charles Rodrigues
Playboy, December 1967

Did straight bars of the 1960s really feature giant paintings of naked ladies? How would I know. But an appreciation of naked ladies is one of the tickets to heterosexuality.

Did gay bars of the 1960s have giant paintings of naked men? Almost certainly not, since gay bars existed by flying under the radar and not being too blatant. But hey, this is just a comic reversal.

The patrons in their tight trousers (compare to trousers of the two straight men), their effeminate stance, and their bouffant hair.

Roughly contemporaneous with this cartoon is “The Gilded Lily” and its clientele in S. Clay Wilson’s “Ruby the Dyke and Her Six Perverted Sisters Stomp the Fags” (1967)

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