Tuesday, 1 May 2012

394: Anita Bryant 10 - Little Annie Fanny

“Playboy” August 1979
Writer: Harvey Kurtzman
Artist: Will Elder

The last page from an instalment of Kurtzman and Elder's lavishly composed and illustrated if underachieving “Little Annie Fanny” strip. This time the contemporary social trend having a cockeyed glance cast across it is Frisbee playing. Yeeerrrss, not exactly reaching for satirical heights there, I’m afraid. In this instance, the joke is that in all the running and jumping and dashing and catching involved in the so-called supposed sport, the joggling of the title character’s colossal mammalian appurtenances distracts the opposing teams with simply hilarious consequences. So yes, it’s “Playboy” and its booby gags, which I wouldn’t bother posting except it’s the necessary set-up for the final panel and the appearance of a new team who won’t fail foul of their gambit:

Clichés to tick off:
Hands on hips
Prissy look
Lisping – “Frithbeeth” indeed!

And even though it’s almost two and a half years since she first started her campaign, you can just make out that the frisbee in the last panel features a very sour-looking Anita Bryant with the legend “Anita sucks”. Nice to be remembered.

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