Thursday, 26 April 2012

383: Star Wars 2

"Star Roars"

Mad Magazine, January 1978

Writers: Larry Siegel and Dick De Bartolo

So if C3PO is a camp seeming robot, how do we ramp that up for parody? Well, draw him with one hand resting on his hip and the other thrown out limp-wristed. Will that do? Let’s have him swish it up like an interior designer too. Although quoting lyrics from Kismet (“Take my hand / I’m a stranger in paradise”) , a musical that was then 25 years old, probably has more to do with the age of the staff at Mad, then anything you might expect even from the most musicals-obsessed gay cliché. And then just in case anyone, anyone at all, might be oblivious to the point this parody is making, they come out and say C3PO is a “fag robot”. That’s the punchline for this little bit.

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