Sunday, 13 December 2009

337: Fairy Tales 2 - John Boni

"Yes, Delicia, There is a Punchline"
by John Boni
in "National Lampoon" June 1970

This is probably the next step along in jokes about fairies.
Bitch bar banter that wouldn't be out of place in "the Boys in the Band". Which is probably the idea that people have at the time. Camp aggressive jokes at each other's expense
Brucie, Lance are both very America of the period. While a fairy called Pansy? Reach for those comedic stars, Mr Boni.
The gay comic gestures are just part of the general padding out of crappy puns and smutty jokes which is the point of the piece.
If you're going to have fairies in a "Dirty Bedtime Story" then they're going to have be THAT sort of fairy:
Lavender, primping, pursing a lip, sillies, miffed, and sashaying perversion freak.

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