Wednesday, 2 May 2012

396: Assortment of Castaways

And in similar vein to the last of the Anita Bryant cartoons, what can be made of the cartoon’s cliché of the castaways on a desert island? Particularly since these are all from “Playboy” readers would normally expect a little cheeky sexual chasing. Funny things can happen to a man when isolated from civilisation.

“Playboy” March 1965
B. Kliban

A spectacularly early carton from Kliban – the style is much different from his unique surrealism, even the illustrative style is different. No desert island romance here: “masacara” does all the heavy-lifting here so that man and woman trapped on an island expectations are reversed.

“Playboy” May 1970
Cliff Roberts

“Playboy” April 1973
Robert Censoni

The boredom of being trapped, with language more suitable to a love’s tiff.

“Playboy” July 1976
Herb Green

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