Sunday, 3 January 2010

350: “The Nancy Boys Hardy Drew Mysteries”

“The Nancy Boys Hardy Drew Mysteries”
from “End of Part One”, 1980
by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick

Haven’t seen this one, but this gag nicely fits in with the gaying up of children’s adventure stories theme I’ve been flogging to death.
It is of course a play on the TV title of the show “Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Mysteries” (which I dimly recall having a very evocative title sequence and two very pretty boy leads), and also drawing upon the old slang term for homosexuals “nancy boy”. Does anyone even use the phrase Nancy Boy anymore? Both allusions rather show my age.
Anyway, once you’ve come up with the sketch title, and you know it’s the end of the 1970s, then the sketch parody pretty much writes itself. An abundance of camping around and “ooohing”ing, I’ll be bound.

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