Monday, 26 October 2009

304: Cocksuckers & Bloodsuckers - Gay Vampires 4

by David Austin
in “The Spectator”, 23 March 1985

There were a lot of versions of the same cartoon in the mid ‘80s with the rise of AIDS. I assume thinking behind so many cartoonists producing the same gag went something very much like:

Topical gag, topical gag. AIDS! Right, AIDS, AIDS, something to do with blood, something to do with blood. Vampires! AIDS and vampire, AIDS and vampires....

And so innumerable damn cartoons of a cliché vampire sat in a clinic waiting to get a blood test. Ho frigging ho.

David Austin at least takes it a little further. What else do we know about AIDS? Homosexuals have it! So a clichéd clone, in a “Proud to be Gay” shirt (just so no one misses the joke) repels a hungry vampire. Homo-hemo-no-go.

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